St Thomas' Brampton and St Peter's Holymoorside, Chesterfield
Annual Parish Church Meeting 2017
Our vision statement: Sharing the love of Jesus
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Other Meetings

2017/18 PCC and DCCs membership
Our Annual Parish Church Meetings were held on Sunday 2 April 2017 at 6pm.
There are two meetings, The Annual Meeting of Parishoners which is a short meeting to elect the Church Wardens and deal with any parish concerns. This is followed by the The Annual Parochial Church Meeting at which matters pertaining to our chuches and church life is reported on and discussed.

As St Peter's and St Thomas' have their own AGMs (held 26 and 27 March respectively) -the reports given at the APCM only covered Parish matters.

Papers to go with the meetings
Agenda for the meetings  
Minutes of the 2016 meetings
Minutes of the meetings (2017)
A Year in the Life of the Parish booklet
A Year in the Life of the Parish slide show
Annual Parish Report and Accounts

Listen to the meetings below

Annual Meeting of Parishoners

Election of Church Wardens -Rector
Minutes approved. Mark Hoare and Phil Bird were re-elected Church Wardens for the Parish and St Thomas'. Maxine Rotheram was re-elected and Diane Hinchliffe elected Wardens for St Peter's. There was no other Parish buisness.

Annual Parochial Church Meeting

Minutes of last year's meeting -Rector
Minutes approved and no matters arising.

Electoral Role Report -Sally-Anne Beecham (297 at St Thomas, 58 at St Peter's. Total 355)

PCC Report -Rector  Written report in A Year in the Life of the Parish booklet

Financial Report -David Oldale  Refer to Annual Parish Report and Accounts

Deanery Synod Report -Rector

Wardens' Report -Mark Hoare includes commentary on A Year in the Life of the Parish slide show  Written report in A Year in the Life of the Parish booklet

Election to the PCC and Deanery Synod
PCC: Malcolm Goodman and Mark Depledge Note: Carla Jackson and Ben Widdowson were co-opted after the APCM
Deanery Synod: Karen Riley and Jenny Smedley Note: Beth Robson was co-opted after the APCM

Rector's Report -Rev Matt Barnes slides

Update on the Parish Centre and STB -Beth Robson, Centre Manager slides

Final question/comment -from Rosie Welch