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2017 recordings

    9.30am From the Lectionary -10.12.17

    11am Light into the Neighbourhood -10.12.17

    6pm Being a Disciple -10.12.17

    10am Remembrance Sunday -12.11.17

    6pm Memorial Service -12.11.17

    11am Adoption Sunday/Community in the Neighbourhood -5.11.17

    6pm Adoption Sunday -5.11.17

    11am Outrageous Faith -22.10.17

    11am Harvest All Age Service: God the Gardener -8.10.17

    6pm Hosea: On The Road To Restoration -3.9.17

    10.30am August series -Looking at the Psalms -27.8.17

    11am latest series -Up, in and out: Living a balanced life -30.7.17

    11am The Vision is Jesus -9.7.17

    9.30am and 11am David Owens' First Sunday -2.7.17

    Emma Atkinson interviews David Owens -2.7.17

    7.30pm Licensing of Rev David Owens -27.6.17

    11am New Beginnings, New Minister -25.6.17

    9.30am and 11am Julie Lomas' Last Sunday -18.6.17

    6pm Confirmation Service -18.6.17

    9.30am and 11am Mission Sunday for Tearfund -11.6.17

    6pm Service Series -Looking at 1 Corinthians: Chapter 16 -11.6.17

    9.30am Pentecost -4.6.17

    11am Pentecost All Age Service -4.6.17

    6pm Pentecost Service of prayer and reflection -4.6.17

    9.30am From the Lectionary -28.5.17

    11am and 6pm Service Series -Thy Kingdom Come -28.5.17

    7.30pm Ascension Day Service -25.5.17

    10.30am Easter Day Service -16.4.17

    10.30am Good Friday Hot Cross Bun Service -14.4.17

    2pm Good Friday Service 'An Hour at the Cross' -14.4.17

    7.30pm Holy Week Services -latest Maundy Thursday 13.4.17

    9.30am and 11am Palm Sunday -9.4.17

    Lent Course: Stations of the Cross -5.4.17

    APCM 2017 -2.4.17

    9.30am and 11am Passion Sunday -2.4.17

    9.30am and 11am Mothering Sunday -26.3.17

    11am Service Series -Encountering Prayer -19.3.17

    6pm Prayer Focus -19.3.17

    6pm St Thomas' Project -5.3.17

    7.30pm Ash Wednesday -1.3.17

    11am Service Series -The Life and Work of Jonah: Chapter 4 -26.2.17

    9.30am, 11am and 6pm Adoption Sunday -29.1.17

    9.30am and 11am Mission Sunday for CMS -22.1.17

    9.30am and 11am from the Lectionary: John the Baptist -15.1.17

    9.30am and 11am Epiphany Services -8.1.17

    10.30am New Year's Day Service -1.1.17

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The Ark
St John's Walton
Bishop of Derby's Lent Course