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Sermon Series Themes:
Elijah the Prophet
Small but Powerful
Jesus the Friend
Jonah the Runaway
Why Good Friday?
Road to the Cross
The First Easter
God is Green
What Happened after Penticost?
The Gift of God's Spirit
Heaven and Hell
The Judges of Israel
Living with Jesus
King of Kings
Encounters with Jesus
Against all Odds
Finding Strength in Weakness
Rescue Mission Impossible
Psalms in Times of Need
Christ the King
Christmas -The Coming of the King
Mary's Story
Carol Service
Midnight Communion
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Usually the same person preaches at the 9am and 11am services. However occasionally there is a different preacher at each.

DM David Mouncer
SC Sam Cartwright
-Retired Minister
JG John Goodacre
EB Eileen Balch
BW Bill Woodend
BG Bill Galloway
DS David Sandeson
-Retired Church Army
NS Nanette Sanderson
-Retired Church Army
KW Kat Witham
-CYFA member
TW Tim Wheeler
-Congregation Member
PM Phil Michell
-Congregation Member
GM Gemma Machin
-Youth Worker Co-ordinator
AP Alan Park
-Church Army
DG Doris Gould
-Reader, Holy Trinity
AD David Garnett
-Archdeacon of Chesterfield
JT Janet Turville
-Congregation member
RD Robin Dawson
PR Peter Rolfe
-Congregation Member
SB Simon Barrington
-Director, Samaritan’s Purse
PO Petra Owen
-Our Former Curate
RB Robin Balch
-Retired Clergy
LS Lisa Shemit
-Curate St John's Walton
MH Mark Hoare
-Congregation Member

'Midnight' Communion
24.12.07 Sermon LS John 1:1-14 Isaiah 9:2-7

Carol Service
23.12.07 Sermon DS Christmas - a poem by John Betjeman

'Christmas -The Coming of the King' (from the Morning Service)
02.12.07 The lineage NS Matthew 1:1-17 Genesis 17:1-8
09.12.07 The royal birth
The royal birth
Matthew 1:18-25 Isaiah 7:1-17
16.12.07 Royal visitors
Royal visitors
Matthew 2:1-12 Isaiah 9:1-7
23.12.07 A royal escape NS Matthew 2:13-18 Jeremiah 31:1-15
30.12.07 A royal return
-Interview with Kat Witham and Gareth Simmonds about their visit to Kosova
EB Revelation 22:12-21 Matthew 24:36-51

'Mary's Story' (from the Evening Services)
02.12.07 His will be done BG Luke 1:26-38
09.12.07 "My soul glorifies the Lord" PR Luke 1:46-56
16.12.07 She gave birth JG Luke 2:1-7
30.12.07 Treasured in her heart MH Luke 2:41-52

Preaching by the Archdeacon of Chesterfield (from the Morning Service)
25.11.07 Christ the King
-9am Service
AD Luke 23:33-43 Jeremiah 23:1-6
25.11.07 Thanksgiving
-11am Service
AD Philippians 4:4-7  

'Samaritan's Purse Mission Sunday' (from the Morning Service)
18.11.07 Mission
Samaritan's Purse Mission Sunday
SB Jeremiah 36:1-26 Matthew 15:1-11

'Samaritan's Purse Mission Sunday' (from the Evening Services)
18.11.07 Mission SB John 4:1-26 Interview with Simon Barrington
-Director, Samaritan’s Purse

Remembrance Sunday (from the Morning Service)
11.11.07 Sermon
The Act of Rembembrance
Poem read by John Prentice
DS Matthew 13:31-35 Jeremiah 32:1-15

'Finding Strength in Weakness' (from the Evening Services)
09.09.07 The great 'yes' DM 2 Corinthians 1:12-2:4
16.09.07 Forgiveness? JT 2 Corinthians 2:5-11
23.09.07 The procession
-the Rector announces his resignation
DM 2 Corinthians 2:12-3:6
30.09.07 Freedom and glory TW 2 Corinthians 3:7-18
11.11.07 Our future home BG 2 Corinthians 5:1-10
25.11.07 Reconciliation DS 2 Corinthians 5:11-21

David Mouncer's Last Service (Morning Service)
04.11.07 Service and thanks

'Rescue Mission Impossible' (from the Morning Service)
07.10.07 Admit one DM Luke 14:15-24 Psalm 107:1-9
14.10.07 S.O.S. 9am
S.O.S. 11am with reference to Stephen Willis' testimony who was baptised baptism pictures
BG Luke 15:1-7 Psalm 100:1-5
21.10.07 Lost and found department
Lost and found department
Luke 15:8-10 Psalm 18:1-19
28.10.07 -Introduction
The dead son lives
DM Luke 15:11-32 Psalm 51:1-13

'Psalms in Times of Need' (from the Evening Services)
07.10.07 When your world falls apart NS Psalm 46
14.10.07 In fear and trembling DM Psalm 55
21.10.07 Under the shadow of death DM Psalm 23
28.10.07 Overwhelming guilt? RD Psalm 38

'Against All Odds' (from the Morning Service)
02.09.07 Teamwork DM Acts 18:1-23 John 1:35-42
09.09.07 Total committment RD Acts 21:1-16 John 4:27-38
16.09.07 True friend DM Acts 23:12-22 John 6:60-70
23.09.07 Truth telling
-the Rector announces his resignation
-the Dawn Edingborough's Testimony
DM Acts 26:1-23 John 7:1-13
30.09.07 Total trust
Total trust
Acts 27:1-22, 13-26 John 7:25-31

'King of Kings' (from the Morning Service)
05.08.07 God protects DS 2 Kings 18:17-25 2 Kings 19:1-19
12.08.07 God restores JT 2 Kings 20:1-11 Luke 13:10-17
19.08.07 God is forgotten
-all age talk
DM 2 Kings 21:1-18  
26.08.07 God is remembered DM 2 Kings 22:1-20 Luke 14:25-35

'Encounters with Jesus' (from the Evening Services)
05.08.07 The ten lepers RD Luke 17:11-19
12.08.07 The rich ruler PR Luke 18:18-30
19.08.07 The blind begger DM Luke 18:35-43
-dramatised reading
26.08.07 The teachers DS Luke 20:1-8

'Living with Jesus' (from the Morning Service)
01.07.07 New way of life
Refered to in sermon:
-JM Consultants

-Will you come and follow me
JT Mark 1:16-20 Isaiah 6:1-8
01.07.07 Scott Atkinson's Testimony      
08.07.07 New understanding
New understanding
Mark 8:22-30 Malachi 4:1-6
15.07.07 New perspective BG Mark 9:2-13 Ezekiel 1:1-3, 22-28
22.07.07 Old fear PM Mark 14:66-72 Genesis 3:1-24
29.07.07 New start DS John 21:15-25 1 Peter 1:1-12

'The Judges of Israel' (from the Evening Services)
17.06.07 Introduction to Judges DM      
17.06.07 Othniel
-Notes to go with sermon
DM Judges 3:7-11 Praying for our leaders
-Janet Turville
24.06.07 Ehud EB Judges 3:12-30 Praying for our leaders
-Karen Riley
-Josh Wheeler
01.07.07 Deborah and Barak DM Judges 4:1-24
Including intro to reading
Praying for our leaders
-Kat Witham
08.07.07 Gideon – part 1 DM Judges 6:1-24 Praying for our leaders
-John Goodacre
15.07.07 Gideon – part 2 GM Judges 7:1-25  
22.07.07 Samson – part 1 DS Judges 14:1-20  
29.07.07 Samson – part 2 BG Judges 16:1-31  

'Heaven and Hell' (from the Morning Service)
03.06.07 Heaven? DM Mark 12:18-27 Revelation 4:1-11
10.06.07 Hell?
-Church on the Bus Sunday
AP Mark 9:42-48 2 Peter 3:1-13
17.06.07 The colours of Heaven DS Revelation 21:15-27 John 14:1-14
24.06.07 Final judgement DM Revelation 20:1-15 Luke 13:22-30

10.06.07 'Church on the Bus' Mission Sunday
Morning Captain Alan Park's

(C on the B Team Leader)
AP Mick Jackson's
Evening Doris Gould's

(C on the B Secretary)
and Lay Reader
DG John 17:20-26
Matthew 28:16-20
Alan Park's

'The Gift of God's Spirit' (from the Morning Service)
20.05.07 Promise made
Promise made
Acts 1:1-11 John 14:15-26
Promise delivered NS Acts 2:1-13 Luke 24:36-49
Promise delivered

(All age service)
DM Acts 2:1-13
(by the Cubs)
(by the Scouts)
Presentation to
Terry May

by Ben Widdowson
3rd Brampton Scouts

'What happened after Penticost?' (from the Evening Services)
06.05.07 True fellowship NS Acts 2:42-47
13.05.07 Compassion and evangelism JG Acts 3:1-26
20.05.07 Persecution and trouble TW Acts 4:1-22
27.05.07 Prayer and power
Janet Turville's Testimony
Acts 4:23-31
03.06.07 Abundant Love DM Acts 4:32-37

Ashgate Hospice Thanksgiving Service
13.05.07 Thanksgiving Service

'God is Green' (from the Morning Service)
06.05.07 Mankind's place
Mankind's place
Genesis 1:26-31 Luke 12:13-21
13.05.07 Why be green? DM Psalm 24:1-10 Luke 16:19-31

'Archdeacon's Visitation Address' (including induction of Church Wardens)
02.05.07 Send me AD Isaiah 6:1-8

'Daniel' (from the Morning Service)
22.04.07 Culture clash NS Daniel 1:1-21 John 15:18-16:4
29.04.07 Feet of clay
Feet of clay
Daniel 2:24-45 John 16:5-16

'The First Easter' (from the Morning Service)
01.04.07 King on a Donkey DM Matthew 21:1-17 Zechariah 9:9-17
Risen Saviour DM Matthew 28:1-10 1 Corinthians 15:1-11
15.04.07 Spread the word
Spread the word
Matthew 28:16-20 1 Corinthians 15:50-58

'The Road to the Cross' (from the Evening Services)
11.03.07 Entry into Jerusalem PM Mark 11:1-1
18.03.07 Supper with friends DM Mark 14:21-26
25.03.07 The garden of choice DM Mark 14:32-52
01.04.07 The cross of shame DM Mark 15:16-37
New Life, New Hope
'Songs of Praise'
DM Mark 16:1-8
15.04.07 Jesus' resurrection DM 1 Corinthians 15:1-11
22.04.07 Our resurrection TW 1 Corinthians 15:12-34
29.04.07 Our future hope
-Youth Service
GM 1 Corinthians 15:35-58

Why Good Friday?
05.04.07 Why 'Good' Friday? DM Luke 23:26, 32-38 Luke 23: 44-46

Maundy Thursday
05.04.07 The garden of choice DM Matthew 26:36-46

'Furnace' Worship Evenings
29.12.07 Faye Leteve's Testimony Kat Witham's and Gareth Simmonds' visit to Kosovo
30.11.07 Jake Howe's Testimony
26.10.07 Stephen Willis' Testimony David Mouncer's Testimony
29.09.07 Jane Simmonds' Testimony Alistair Langdon's Testimony Mark 16:15
31.08.07 Josh Wheeler's Testimony Alan Park's Testimony
27.07.07 Hannah Willis' Testimony Ruth Bird's Testimony
29.06.07 Testimonies:
Gemma Machin's
Denise Glover's
'Creator King'
-words of song
Gemma refers to
'Creation' -a poem
by Mick Jackson
25.05.07 Testimonies:
Kat Witham's
David Sanderson's
Julie Lomas' Prayers Romans 3:21-26
Hebrews 4:14-16
2 Corinthians 8:1-9
20.04.07 Phil Herrick's Testimony Mick's Testimony Bible Readings
30.03.07 Phil Michell's Testimony Bible Readings Stop the Traffik
23.02.07 Leigh-Anna Bird's Testimony Julie Lomas' Testimony

'Jonah the Runaway' (from the Morning Service)
11.03.07 Mercy on a city
Mercy on a man
JG Jonah 1:1-17
Jonah 2:1-10
Luke 4:14-30
18.03.07 Mercy of a man SC Jonah 3:1-10 Luke 4:31-37
25.03.07 Mercy and compassion DM Jonah 4:1-11 Luke 4:38-44

Tearfund Sunday, Stan Jenkins from Tearfund
04.03.07 About Tearfund's work am SJ Luke 3:1-14
04.03.07 Slavery today pm SJ Isaiah 58:6-12

Ash Wednesday
21.02.07 Lent -I need to change DM John 15:1-11

Introduction of Paul and Sarah Tester
18.02.07 Our link mission partners from SAMS (South American Missionary Society)

'Jesus the Friend' (from the Morning Service)
04.02.07 Fresh start DS John 3:1-21 Numbers 21:4-9
11.02.07 No secrets 9am BW John 4:3-26 Isaiah 12:1-6
11.02.07 No secrets 11am DM John 4:3-26 Isaiah 12:1-6
18.02.07 Healing word DM John 4:43-54 Psalm 107:1-16
25.02.07 Healing hand BG John 5:1-15 Psalm 30:1-12

'Abraham' (from the Evening Services)
04.02.07 The call DM Genesis 12:1-9
11.02.07 The time of failure DM Genesis 12:10-20
18.02.07 Faith and choices DM Genesis 13:1-18
25.02.07 Courage DM Genesis 14:1-24

'Elijah the Prophet' (from the Morning Service)
07.01.07 The power to provide JG 1 Kings 17:1-16 Luke 12:22-34
14.01.07 The power to amaze 9am EB 1 Kings 18:16-39 Matthew 17:1-8
14.01.07 The power to amaze 11am DM 1 Kings 18:16-39 Matthew 17:1-8
21.01.07 The power to protect SC 1 Kings 19:1-18 Luke 12:1-12
28.01.07 The power to judge DM 1 Kings 21:1-19 Luke 13:1-9

'Small but Powerful' (from the Evening Services)
07.01.07 A prisoner of Christ DS Philemon 1:1-25
14.01.07 Walk in obedience NS 2 John 1:1-13
21.01.07 Imitate what is good
-Youth Service
KW 3 John 1:1-13 -reading on sermon podcast
28.01.07 Build yourselves up
DM Jude 1:1-25

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