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Sermon Series Themes:
Set Apart
God the Protector
The Gospel
Jesus is With Us
Home Again
The Christian and...
Jesus Cares
The Greatest Story Ever Told
God the Creator
Parables from Luke
Power in Action
Not Rough Justice
Lessons from Hebrews
Hope in Jesus Christ
God's Grace
Spread the Word
Favorite Psalms
Wonderful God
Carry on Praying
Investing in the Kingdom of God
Touching to Father's Heart
Commitment Sunday
God's Intention
Give to God what is His
Belonging -exploring Philippians
Standing Firm
Behold the Coming King
Putting on new clothes
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Usually the same person preaches at the 9am and 11am services. However occasionally there is a different preacher at each.

SC Sam Cartwright
-Retired Minister
DE Dawn Edingborough
-Children's & Families' Worker
NS Nanette Sanderson
-Retired Church Army
PO Petra Owen
-Former Curate
JT Janet Turville
-Congregation Member
AB Andy Broom
-Vicar of St John's Walton
PM Phil Michell
-Congregation Member
TW Tim Wheeler
-Congregation Member
TC Tom Comley
-Retired Minister
RD Robin Dawson
-Lay Reader
SU John Grayston
-from Scripture Union
RB Robin Balch
-Retired Minister
GM Gemma Machin
-Youth Work Co-ordinator
PC Pete Cooney
-Congregaton Member
WG Bill Galloway
-Lay Reader
PR Peter Rolfe
-Congregation Member
ND Neil Draper
-from Cliff College
KW Kat Witham
-CYFA member
CO Clive Osbourn
-from Cliff College
EB Eileen Balch
-Lay Reader
JD House Group
-Jenny Dod's
MB Matt Barnes
AR Alastair Redfern
-Bishop of Derby
PC Peter Cooney
-Congregation Member
RH Ray Hearn
-Lay Reader
PC1 Pat Clayton
-Lay Reader
AM Angie McGovern
-Congregation Member
SW Stuart Windsor
PC Pat clayton
-Lay Reader
CB Charlotte Bird
-Congregation Member
AS Audrey Smith
-Minister at St Peter's

Sunday 28.12.08
28.12.08 Puting on new clothes MB Isaiah 61:10-62:3 Luke 2:15-21

Christmas Morning Service
25.12.08 Christmas is full of suprises MB Luke 2:8-20

'Midnight' Communion
24.12.08 Why are we here tonight? MB Luke 2:1-14 Isaiah 9:2-7

Christmas Eve Family Carol Service
24.12.08 Who was Jesus -why was he so special? MB

Carol Service
21.12.08 The value of waiting MB

Christingle Service
14.12.08 Service MB

'Behold the Coming of the King' (from the Morning Service and Evening Services)
Are you ready? MB Mark 1:1-8 Isaiah 40:1-11
Expectancy and Excitement PR John 12:20-26  
What John said about himself and Jesus DS John 1:6-8, 19-28 Isaiah 61:1-4, 8-11
We are appointed to do God's will AS John 1:6-8, 19-28 Isaiah 61:1-4, 8-11
Children's talk -Shine as Lights in the World AS Picture here  
Mary's 'power'
RB Luke 1:26-38 2 Samuel 7:1-11, 16
The birth of Jesus fortold
-an indiscribable experience
EB Luke 1:26-38 2 Samuel 7:1-11, 16

All Age Service (from the 11am Morning Service)
07.12.08 Being Ready CB

'Persecution' (from Furnace 28.11.08)
Introduction and reflection Case study 1 Case study 2
Case study 3 Conclusion Presentation to go with service

'Standing Firm' (from the Morning Service)
16.11.08 There is a battle MB Luke 13:10-17 1 Peter 5:8-11
23.11.08 Put on the armour NS Ephesians 6:10-20 John 2:13-22
30.11.08 Overcome BG 1 John 3:4-10 Matthew 12:22-37

Belonging -exploring Philippians (from the Evening Service)
09.11.08 Introduction BG Philippians 1:1-9
16.11.08 Unity PC Philippians 2:1-30
23.11.08 Seize the day MB Philippians 3:1-21
30.11.08 In Christ's strength not our own
'King or Cripple' lyrics from sermon
GM Philippians 4:1-23

Remembrance Sunday Service (from the 10am Morning Service)
09.11.08 Remembering MB 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 Matthew 25:1-13
  John Prentice singing
'I know where he is'
  See pictures here of the service  

Memorial Service (from the Evening Service)
02.11.08 Time MB 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18

All Age Service (from the 11am Morning Service)
02.11.08 Remembering MB

'Prophesy' (from the 9am Morning Service)
02.11.08 Prophesy EB Matthew 24:1-14 Micah 3:5-12

'Spiritual Warfare' (from Furnace 31.10.08)
31.10.08 Spirtiual Warfare MB

Sunday 26 October 2008
Mission Sunday for Christian Solidarity Worldwide
(from the Morning Service)
Speaker Stuart Windsor, CSW National Director
9am CSW in China, Pakistan, Nigeria SW Isaiah 58:3-12 Acts 12:1-5
11am CSW in Eritrea, Eygpt, North Korea SW Jeremiah 38:6-13 Jeremiah 39:17-18
6pm CSW in Nideria, India, Eritrea SW Isaiah 58:6-12 Acts 12:1-5
  Stuart Windsor interviewed      

Sunday 19 October 2008 (from the Morning Services)
9am God's intention JG Exodus 33:12-33
11am Give to God what is His
What the Roman's gave us clip (at 4m 50s) in sermon
Listen to it
Watch the clip (on You Tube)
MB Matthew 22:15-22

Commitment Sunday See pictures here (from 10.30am Joint Morning Service)
12.10.08 More than bricks and mortar MB 2 Corinthians 8:1-12
Luke 4:16-21
  Building St Thomas' 'Cairn'   Gemma Machin -why we need the new building for work with our young people
Nanette Sanderson -why we need the new building for work with our seniors
  Paul Benson -update on the project   Phil Johnson -announcing the result

'Touching the Father's Heart' (from the Evening Services)
05.10.08 Wholehearted worship GM John 4:1-26  
12.10.08 How do we worship? MB 2 Samuel 6:1-23  
19.10.08 Worship God in all things KW Ephesians 5:15-21 Meditation using song
'Lord you have my Heart'

-Listen to the song

-Words here

Harvest See pictures here (from the Morning Service)
05.10.08 9am Harvest MB Deuteronomy 8:7-18
Luke 12:16-30
05.10.08 11am Harvest MB Drama -Bean Blindness
Gemma Machin, Kat Witham
Luke 12:16-30

'Investing in the Kingdom of God' Lead up to Commitment Sunday (from the Morning Service)
21.09.08 Money -it belongs to God MB Matthew 6:19-33 1 Timothy 6:6-18
28.09.08 Money -giving it back to God
Money -giving it back to God

2 Corinthians 9:6-15 Matthew 13:44-46

'Carry On Praying' (from the Morning Service)
07.09.08 Teach me to pray MB Luke 11:1-4 Deuteronomy 4:5-8
14.09.08 Knock on the door
Knock on the door
Luke 11:5-13 Psalm 27:4-9

'Wonderful God' (from the Morning Service)
31.08.08 You know me MB Psalm 139 John 10:11-21

'Favorite Psalms' (from the Evening Services)
03.08.08 Psalm 46 -Fear PC Psalm 46 Bernard Blanksby tells us how God helped him through the vacancy
10.08.08 Psalm 139 -A detailed description of God RH Psalm 139  
17.08.08 Psalm 121 -God watches over us PC1 Psalm 121  
24.08.08 Psalm 147 -Praise the Lord but in no particular order AM Psalm 147  
31.08.08 Psalm 23 -Peace GM Psalm 23  

'Spread the Word' (from the Morning Service)
03.08.08 Stephen stands up
-Children's talk
Acts 6:8-7:5, 7:51-60 John 7:37-39
10.08.08 Paul sees the light
-Children's talk
Acts 9:1-19 John 14:15-25
17.08.08 Barnabas -encouragement MB Acts 9:19-31 John 16:5-11
24.08.08 Is our church inclusive? DS Acts 15:1-35 John 16:12-16

'God's Grace' (from the Morning Service)
27.07.08 Gracious promise
-Children's talk
Genesis 8:20-9:17 Luke 24:44-49
  Josh Wheeler interviewed about his forthcoming work with Youth for Christ      
20.07.08 Saving Grace JG Genesis 6:9-8:19 John 1:14-18

'Lessons from Hebrews' (from the Evening Services)
13.07.08 Jesus: the mediator of a New Covenant JG Hebrews 9:11-28 Leviticus 16:1-17
  John Baker interviewed      
27.07.08 God calls us to him MB Hebrews 10:19-25 Isaiah 55:1-3
07.09.08 The need to persevere BG Hebrews 10:26-39  
14.09.08 Follow the heroes of faith TW Hebrews 11:1-40  
21.09.08 Run with perseverance MB Hebrews 12:1-3 Luke 9:23-27
28.09.08 Why come to church? MB Hebrews 12:18-29 Luke 10:1-21

'Hope in Jesus Christ' (from the Evening Services)
20.07.08 Hope in Jesus Christ MB Romans 8:12-25

All Age Service (Morning Service)
20.07.08 Thanks for and celebration of the past year
Pictures here
DE Philippians 1:3-6

'Not Rough Justice'(from the Morning Service)
13.07.08 Fugitive from justice?
Fugitive from justice?
-Children's talk
Genesis 4:1-16 Luke 22:1-6

'Living Stones Celebration and Development Project update' Sunday
Introduction and Fund Raising Review Sermon and update -part 1
Drama -I want that car
Sermon and update -part 2

Matthew 6:25-34
    Transcript of sermon
and slides of costings
and sketch plans
  Trust in God MB Matthew 14:22-33

'Love' (from the Morning Services)
29.06.08 True love
The price of love?

-Children's talk
John 15:9-17 Psalm 136:1-9

'Power in Action' (from the Morning Services)
01.06.08 Unclean PR Matthew 8:1-4 Exodus 20:22-26
15.06.08 In danger
In danger
Matthew 8:23-27 Psalm 5:8-12
22.06.08 Hungry
-Children's talk
Matthew 15:32-39 Exodus 16:1-3,13-15

15.06.08 Interview with Andrew and Liz Goodacre who are going to Australia   Picture  

'Parables from Luke' (from the Evening Service)
25.05.08 The Sower TW Luke 8:1-15
08.06.08 The Banquet MB Luke 14:15-24
15.06.08 The Prodigal Son GM Luke 15:11-32
22.06.08 The Pharisee and the Tax Collector EB Luke 18:9-14
29.06.08 The Gift of Money MB Luke 19:11-27

Matt Barnes' First Sunday (from the Morning Service)
08.06.08 Matt introduces himself   Interview Matthew 8:5-14

Matt Barnes' Induction Service
05.06.08 Full Service   Order of Service and pictures  
05.06.08 Sermon AR 2 Timothy 2:8-15 Mark 12:28-34

01.06.08 How to pray JT Luke 11:5-15

All Age Service (Morning Service)
01.06.08 Belonging to God's family
Pictures here
DE Acts 2:38

'Transformer' (from the Morning Services)
11.05.08 Before the crowd EB Acts 2:1-47 John 7:37-39
18.05.08 Before the people RB Acts 3:1-26 Matthew 9:20-22
25.05.08 Before the Council RD Acts 4:1-37 Matthew 5:10-12

'Trinity' (from the Evening Service)
18.05.08 Relationships at the heart of God
BG Matthew 28:16-20 Romans 8:12-17

'Pentecost' (from the Evening Service)
11.05.08 Spiritual Gifts PR 1 Corinthians 12:3-13

'God the Creator' (from the Morning Services)
06.04.08 In the beginning SC Genesis 1:1-19 John 1:1-13
13.04.08 And it was very good NS Genesis 1:20-31 John 1:14-18
20.04.08 Blessed and Holy
Blessed and Holy
Genesis 2:1-3 Matthew 12:1-8
27.04.08 Made in His image BG Genesis 2:4-25 John 17:20-26
04.05.08 Praise the Lord JT Psalm 104 Matthew 11:25-29

All Age Service (Morning Services)
06.04.08 Community 1 DE Acts 2:37-47
04.05.08 Community 2 DE Acts 2:37-47

'The Christian and.....' (from the Evening Services)
03.02.08 Introduction
TW Isaiah 58:1-10  
10.02.08 Family BG Matthew 19:1-12 Exodus 20:12
17.02.08 Poverty SU Matthew 25:31-46 Deuteronomy 15:1-11
24.02.08 Value of life RB Matthew 10:25-31 Genesis 1:26-27
02.03.08 Children -Sketch PC Matthew 18:1-6 Prayer Meditation
09.03.08 Justice PC Matthew 5:6 Isaiah 10:1-4
06.04.08 Holiness DS Leviticus 19:1-2 John 17:20-26
13.04.08 The State JG Matthew 22:15-22 Romans 12:1-7
27.04.08 International relations RD Luke 1:46-55  
04.05.08 War and peace JD Habakkuk (all) Matthew 5:9

Ashgate Hospice Memorial Service
30.03.08 Memorial Service

'The Greatest Story Ever Told' (from the Morning and Evening Services)
16.03.08 Broken for you
God's love for us

Luke 22:7-23 Isaiah 53:1-9
At Dawn 1 DS John 20:1-18  
30.03.08 At Dawn 2 BG John 21:1-19  
30.03.08 We are witnesses
We are witnesses
Luke 24:36-49 Isaiah 54:1-8

Good Friday
10.30am All Age Service GM
2pm An Hour at the Cross EB

Maunday Thursday Communion Service
20.03.08 Sermon EB John 13:1-17 1 Corinthians 11:23-26

'Jesus Cares' (from the Morning Services)
17.02.08 Life SU Luke 7:11-17 Isaiah 42:1-9
24.02.08 Freedom DS Luke 8:26-39 Isaiah 40:1-8
02.03.08 Tough Love WG Luke 18:18-30 Isaiah 42:10-17
09.03.08 Forgiveness
Luke 19:1-10 Isaiah 43:1-7

'Home Again' (from the Morning Services)
03.02.08 Homeward bound PM Nehemiah 1:1-2:3 Matthew 14:22-33
10.02.08 Give it back to God RD Nehemiah 4:1-23 Matthew 17:14-23

'Ash Wednesday'
06.02.08 Self appraisal TC Isaiah 58:1-12 Matthew 6:1-6, 16-21

'Jesus Is With Us' (from the Morning Services)
20.01.08 Jesus is in our boat AB John 6:16-24

'God the Protector' (from the Morning Service)
27.01.08 Happy ending?
WG Esther 4:1-5
Esther 5:1-8
John 6:25-40

'Set Apart' (from the Morning Service)
06.01.08 Just say 'no'
SC Daniel 1:1-21 Mark 8:31-38
13.01.08 Stick to the truth
PO Daniel 6:1-24 Matthew 8:14-22

All Age Service (from the Morning Service)
06.01.08 Epiphany Story
-All age service
DE Matthew 2:10-11  

'The Gospel' (from the Evening Services)
06.01.08 Guard the Gospel NS 2 Timothy 1:1-18
13.01.08 Suffer for the Gospel JT 2 Timothy 2:1-13
20.01.08 Continue the Gospel GM 2 Timothy 3:10-16
27.01.08 Proclaim the Gospel PR 2 Timothy 4:1-8

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