St Thomas' Brampton and St Peter's Holymoorside, Chesterfield
Podcasts 2018
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Sermon Series Themes
From the Lectionary -January
Our Values as a Church
MB Rev Matt Barnes
DM Rev David Mouncer
-Associate Minister
DO David Owens
-Associate Minister
NS Nannette Sanderson
-Retired Church Army
DS David Sanderson
-Retired Church Army
RD Robin Dawson
AW Alison Wells
-Reader in training
TW Tim Wheeler
BB Bill Bazely
-Associate Minister
BG Bill Galloway
CB Carolyn Baker
-Minister in Training
AC Alison Cox
-Congregation Member

From the Lectionary -January
7.1.17 Epiphany 1 -Let's hear God's voice this year AC Psalm 24 Mark 1:4-11
14.1.17 Epiphany 2 -God is inescapable DM Psalm 139:1-18 John 1:43-51

11am Our Values as a Church
14.1.17 Absurd Generosity
DO 2 Corinthians 9:6-15 Song at end of talk

11am Service for the New Year
7.1.17 Awake my soul
DO Psalm 57  

6pm Service
14.1.17 Waiting especially when things are going wrong DO Genesis 29:14-30
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Service for the New Year