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Index of Podcasts
These are podcasts of testimonies. Other written testimonies can be found in the back numbers of the Church Magazine and Spotlight.

Testimonies given by Church Members
23.02.07 Leigh-Anna Bird -given at 'Furnace'
23.02.07 Julie Lomas -given at 'Furnace'
30.03.07 Phil Michell -given at 'Furnace'
20.04.07 Phil Herrick -given at 'Furnace'
20.04.07 Mick Jackson -given at 'Furnace'
25.05.07 Kat Witham -given at 'Furnace'
25.05.07 David Sanderson -given at 'Furnace'
27.05.07 Janet Turville -given at a Sunday service
10.06.07 Mick Jackson -given at 'Church on the Bus' Sunday
10.06.07 Captain Alan Park -given at 'Church on the Bus' Sunday
29.06.07 Gemma Machin    'Creator King' -words Gemma refers to
29.06.07 Denise Glover -given at 'Furnace'
01.07.07 Scott Atkinson -given at a Sunday service
27.07.07 Hannah Willis -given at 'Furnace'
27.07.07 Ruth Bird -given at 'Furnace'
31.08.07 Josh Wheeler -given at 'Furnace'
31.08.07 Alan Park -given at 'Furnace'
23.09.07 Dawn Edingborough 9am service (longer) 11am service (shorter)
28.09.07 Jane Simmonds -given at 'Furnace'
28.09.07 Alistair Langdon -given at 'Furnace' -(The first minuite is not very clear)
14.10.07 Stephen Willis -given at his baptism -see baptism pictures
26.10.07 David Mouncer -given at 'Furnace' -Read it here
30.11.07 Jake Howe -given at 'Furnace'
29.12.07 Faye Leteve -given at 'Furnace'
29.12.07 Kat Witham and Gareth Simmonds -talk about their trip to Kosova -given at 'Furnace'
25.01.08 Tim Wheeler -given at 'Furnace'
25.01.08 Scott Atkinson -given at 'Furnace'
29.02.08 Pete Cooney -given at 'Furnace'
29.02.08 Miki Vyse -given at 'Furnace'
09.03.08 Gabriel Boakye -given during 'HOPE 2008'
16.03.08 Laura Poxon -given during 'HOPE 2008'
28.03.08 Bill Galloway -given at 'Furnace'
28.03.08 Eleanor Lomas -given at 'Furnace'
25.04.08 Liz Burrows -given at 'Furnace'
31.05.08 Mark Hoare -given at 'Furnace'
31.05.08 John Thurston -given at 'Furnace' -with particular reference to 'Fatherhood'
27.06.08 Tony Witham -given at 'Furnace'
27.06.08 Matt Barnes -given at 'Furnace'
13.07.08 John Baker -interviewed by Tim Wheeler on a Sunday evening
18.07.08 Paul Benson -given at 'Furnace'
18.07.08 Rosie Welch -given at 'Furnace'
03.08.08 Bernard Blanksby -how God helped in the vacancy given on a Sunday evening
29.08.08 Gaz Simmonds -given at 'Furnace'
29.08.08 Nick Riley -given at 'Furnace'
26.09.08 Abi Pierce -given at 'Furnace'
26.09.08 Charlotte Bird -given at 'Furnace'
30.01.09 Adrian Muray-Leslie -Warden of the Peak Centre -given at 'Furnace'
22.02.09 Ashley Weatherall -given at his Confirmation
27.02.09 Peter Rolfe -given at 'Furnace'    Pictures -Peter refers to
27.02.09 Angela Gregory -given at 'Furnace'
27.03.09 Marie Witham -given at 'Furnace'
27.03.09 Karen Herrick -given at 'Furnace'
12.04.09 Peter Rolfe -given at the Easter Day Evening Service
12.04.09 Carolyn Baker -given at the Easter Day Evening Service
12.04.09 Tim Wheeler -given at the Easter Day Evening Service
12.04.09 Warren Cassling -given at the Easter Day Evening Service
12.04.09 Midnight Outside Derby Cathedral -given at the Easter Day Evening Service by Gemma Machin, Vicky Wood, Steve Willis, Kat Witham and Sam Wheeler
24.04.09 Katie Lomas -given at 'Furnace'
29.05.09 Benard Blanksby -given at 'Furnace'
29.05.09 Irene Jones -given at 'Furnace'
26.06.09 Kathryn Shemwell part 1 -given at 'Furnace'
29.06.09 Kathryn Shemwell part 2
24.07.09 Karen Riley -given at 'Furnace'
24.07.09 Carolyn Baker -given at 'Furnace'
25.09.09 Hannah Willis -given at 'Furnace'
25.09.09 Ruth Turner -given at 'Furnace'
30.10.09 Jenni Kelly -given at 'Furnace'
30.10.09 Paul Hitchmough -given at 'Furnace'
22.11.09 Chris McHale -given at an Evening Service
27.11.09 Paul Willis -given at 'Furnace'
27.11.09 Janet Bradbury -given at 'Furnace'
27.12.09 Tracy Simmonds -looking back at the last year
27.12.09 Ian Hoare -looking back at the last year
27.12.09 Rosie Welch -looking back at the last year
27.12.09 Carolyn Baker -looking back at the last year
27.12.09 Erica Clegg -looking back at the last year
27.12.09 David Clegg -looking back at the last year
27.12.09 Chantal Cooney -looking back at the last year
27.12.09 Peter Turner -looking back at the last year
27.12.09 Ruth Turner -looking back at the last year
17.01.10 Tracy Simmonds -at the re-affirmation of her Baptism Vows -pictures here
29.01.10 Gemma Lowe -given at Furnace
29.01.10 Ray Hearn -given at Furnace
26.02.10 Pippa Shemwell -given at Furnace
26.03.10 David Sanderson -given at Furnace
31.04.10 Simon Twigg -given at Furnace
28.05.10 Paul and Sarah Tester -given at Furnace
25.06.10 Jonathan Sherwin -given at Furnace
21.09.10 Marilyn, Donna and Pippa -given at 2010 Confirmation Service
15.10.10 Kat Witham and Sam Wheeler -included in the Final Furnace event -Pictures shown
4.11.12 Maria Rice -part of sermon Changing Lives
4.11.12 Mike Glover -part of sermon Changing Lives
29.3.15 Tom Hardwick -speaking at the 'Late Service    Artical about Tom in 'Derbyshire Church' publication March 2015  Video of Tom speaking on YouTube
19.4.15 Anna Wild -6pm Service
31.1.16 Anna Wild -6pm Service
19.4.15 Carolyn Baker -6pm Service
19.4.15 Paula Simons -6pm Service
24.9.15 Maureen Greaves -Maureen shares her story of forgiveness following the death of her husband Alan who was killed on his way to play the organ for the Christmas Eve Midnight service in Sheffield in 2012.
29.9.15 Carl Bee -Late Service Service

1999 Testimonies given by Church Members
Due to web space these are on the website. However they are available in mp3 format from Mark Hoare (somersall@lineone.net) or on tape from St Thomas' Church.

Julie Lomas Pat Clayton Julie Ibberson
Philip Goodacre Julie Madin Lindsay Leteve
David Holden Maureen Thompson Peter Cooney
Richard Robinson Ruth Nicholls Ian Frost
John Small Alan Sheldon Vicky and Richard Sadler
Phil O'Donnell Pauline Latimer Judith Henderson

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